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Your need a digital barbecue thermometer to Serve excellent, smoky, fall of the bone barbecue is all about temperature and time. Although time plays a role, temperature is vastly more important and critical to excellent results. You can smoke a piece of brisket for the recommended 1.5 hours per pound but if your smoker temperature and internal brisket temperature aren’t properly measured, the time spent smoking away offers little indication your meat is tender and ready.

You need a digital Barbecue Thermometer

Therefore, any backyard barbecue chef or grill master must have a high quality digital barbecue thermometer in their barbecue cooking equipment to check the temperature of their meat. There are two recommended types of digital thermometers to consider.

Probe Thermometers

The first are thermometers where a wired probe is positioned into the meat and connected to a digital display outside your grill or smoker. The probe is left in the meat during cooking. These thermometers have some distinct advantages. First, they limit the need to continually open and close your smoker or grill, keeping valuable heat inside and not extending your cooking times. Second, some of these thermometers come with a wireless remote that you can put in your pocket, giving you the freedom to do other things around the house instead of babysitting your grill or smoker. Third, some thermometers come with a second probe, which is an excellent benefit when you might be barbequing two different types of meat. Or, when barbequing just one type of meat, the second probe can be used to measure the internal temperature of your smoker as a back-up to any built-in thermometer you may have. The only major drawback with these thermometers would be costs, with some models in excess of $50. If you prefer the ease of measurement, the lack of opening and closing your smoker or grill, and the potential to read the temperature of your meat from inside the house, these thermometers are the way to go.

Instant Read Thermometers

The second type of thermometer are instant read thermometers, sometimes referred to as stick thermometers, which are a one piece thermometer with a digital read out which can be used to check temperature and removed. These thermometers have some advantages as well. Primarily, most are inexpensive compare to the thermometers discussed above. But they’re also very easy to use and if you’re cooking more than one type of meat, it’s easy to check the temperature of all of them. Also, it’s an easier and handier product to use around your kitchen anytime. These thermometers, although they work very well, have some issues that you need to consider. The first is, when barbecue and smoking, these thermometers require you to constantly open and close your smoker or grill to check temperatures, which causes lost heat and slows your cooking times. Some of these units are not waterproof and if accidently dropped in water or even sauce, which is a real possibility in the kitchen, they’ll be ruined. If you don’t use a thermometer often but still want one, these thermometers offer a great balance between utility and cost.


Like everything associated with barbecuing and smoking, personal preferences and financial considerations will help you in selecting a thermometer.


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