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 Meat Thermometer
The Polder THM-362-86 cooking thermometer has probed it’s way into the kitchens of thousands of cooks everywhere, and no wonder. Polder is a leading supplier of quality thermometers since 1976. They offer products which make cooking easier while giving the consumer quality, value and updated designs.

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Taylor 1470N Cooking Thermometer Review

BBQ Meat Digital Cooking Thermometer

The Taylor cooking thermometer 1470N is a powerful kitchen tool you will wonder how you ever managed to cook without. Using a cooking thermometer will help you eliminate over or under cooked food, resulting in disappointing results and waste. Now imagine cooking a turkey (or any food) with this cooking thermometer, and never having to use old fashioned methods to check to see if your food is done by pinching the drumstick or sticking the food with a fork! Not to mention the heat loss that occurs when you open the oven door. You will only have to open the oven when your food is cooked completely.

 taylor 1470N cooking Thermometer price

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