maverick et733 barbecue thermometer

Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Meat Thermometer

The Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Meat Thermometer comes equipped with great new features and upgrades that every Grillmaster won’t be able to live without. Touting a larger orange backlit screen on the receiver,and a wireless range of 300 Feet. Add New Hybrid probes to the mix gives the Grillmaster flexibility and ease of use. The controls are easy to use with 15 new preset temperatures for your standard meats, plus 9 bonus preset temps for game meats- the ET-733 barbecue smoker thermometer does just about everything except put the rub on the meat!

Maverick ET733 Barbecue Smoker Thermometer price

Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Receiver

(Back to Top)The receiver for the  Maverick ET733 Barbecue  Smoker Meat thermometer is a good 3/4 inches bigger than E-7llIt is just maverick et733 smoker barbecue thermometer about the same size as an iphone. It displays the temperatures of both probes at the same time. the receiver shows you what your preset or programmed temperature is and shows you what the current temperature of your meat is. A plastic fold out stand on the back of the receiver allows the unit to stand up vertically on a table for better viewing. The receiver unit also features an internal antenna which gives it a 300 feet range. The newest and nicest feature of the ET-733 is its large orange backlit LCD display. And for those of us who don’t have the greatest eyesight, this feature is a blessing! All of the buttons are on the front face of the receiver for easy access and set up. The unit will display 2 temperature readings from both probes which allows you to monitor the two cuts of meat you are barbecuing or smoking or 1 cut of meat and monitoring the internal temperature of the smoker or grill. There are 15 preset temperatures for various butcher shop cuts of meat, plus if you are into smoking or grilling game, there are 9 bonus preset temperatures for the most popular types of meat such as Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit, Boar, Duck, bird, and Fish. All of the preset temperatures can be customized for your own personal taste.The unit will store your customized temperatures even when you turn the unit off. The battery compartment on the back of the receiver is under the fold out stand.

Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Transmitter

(Back to Top)The Transmitter hasn’t changed that much from the ET-732. It features a wire fold out stand so that you maverick et733 barbecue thermometer3can view the LCD screen in a vertical position on a table. Under the wire stand is the battery compartment which takes 2 AAA batteries. The plastic plate must be removed with a small Phillips head eyeglass screwdriver. The reason it has screws to hold the battery plate in place instead of a snap on lid like the receiver has is when you screw down the plastic plate the gasket will form a waterproof seal to help keep out unwanted water. The extra steps of using the screws safeguards the unit and is well worth the extra effort. Unfortunately, with all the great new features the Et-733 has, Maverick, for some reason decided the Transmitter didn’t require or need a nice backlit screen. It sure would come in handy at night when it is left outdoors. Finally, each side of the transmitter features the plugs nicely labeled for the probes. Celsius or Fahrenheit button allows you to choose either. A handy Re-sync button is used when the transmitter isn’t sending the signal to the receiver. Just simply press the button to re-sync the radio frequency.

Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Hybrid Probes

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Whats all the fuss about the Hybrid probes and what exactly is a hybrid probe? Most Dual probe thermometers have maverick barbecue smoker thermometer hybrid probesa dedicated probe for meat and a dedicated probe for measuring the temperature of the oven, smoker or grill. The dedicated probes look different too. The probe which measures the temperature of the oven comes with a clip, and the probe itself is smaller and has a flat or rounded end. Not so with the hybrid probes featured with the improved Maverick ET-733 thermometer. Each probe is exactly the same. They both come with a grill clip, and each end is sharp. This allows you to use either probe to monitor the food or the internal temperature of the smoker, oven or grill. Yes, the ET-733 can be used in the oven too. The probes are 3 feet long from end to end.
The Maverick ET-733 barbecue smoker meat thermometer probes features a thermistor, a thermally sensitive object about the size of a head of a pin that is located in the probes tip. It exhibits a change in electrical resistance with a change in its temperature. The probes are rated to 716 Degrees. maverick et733 barbecue thermometer grill clipThe probes and cable are made of food grade stainless steel. There is a silicone plug and crimp which connect the probe to the cable. This is designed to keep water out of the probe and prevent catastrophic failure. Because this is a very vunerable area of the probes, it is important to never submerge your probes in water when cleaning. The best way to clean you probes after use is to simply wipe them clean with a damp paper towel.


Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Alerts/Timer

(Back to Top)The loss signal alert. What a great feature this is! The 300 ft range will give you the freedom to walk around with the receiver anywhere in the house or on your property. Should you go out of range, a within minute, a loss signal alert will sound telling you you have gone out of range.

Temperature Alerts
The receiver beeps and the LCD display flashes when your meat temperature goes above or below your programmed temperature. This features gives the cook peace of mind when smoking or grilling. The Maverick  ET-733  barbecue smoker meat thermometer is equipped with a count up and count down timer. The timer can be used to time items on the grill or other food which doesn’t need the probes such as side dishes.

What’s Included with the Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Smoker Meat  Thermometer

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  • 1 Remote transmitter
  • 1 Remote receiver
  • 2 Hybrid probes
  • 2 Grill Clips
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • Product Manual

Consumer Reviews

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I have read hundreds of reviews from other consumers on Amazon and have found that there are a few issues with most probe thermometers, no matter what brand you buy, and that issue comes up in most reviews I have read. The issue is the probes themselves. Many consumers feel they are cheaply made and that they fail repeatedly, forcing the consumer to purchase another set of probes. I really have no idea how long a probe should last under normal use before having to replace it. But technology hasn’t arrived yet to create a one-piece probe that can withstand some of the issues consumers complain about. But if you take some simple precautions when using the probes, such as making sure that the probe cables do not get kinked when closing the grill or stove door, and when cleaning probes, make sure not to submerge them in water, you shouldn’t have to replace them.That being said, it doesn’t matter what probe thermometer you buy, all the probes are manufactured the same, so make sure that you concentrate on other features of the thermometer you are interested in.

Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros:The larger LCD display is the best new feature, along with displaying 2 temperatures simultaneously, makes easy work out of smoking and grilling.
Pre-set temperatures meat and game along with the ability to change the temperatures to your individual taste gives the Maverick ET-733 barbecue smoker meat thermometer unparalleled versatility and ease of use.
The backlit display on the receiver is especially handy at night, and the alarms to warn of temperature fluctuations make grilling and smoking worry free.
The 300 foot range allows the user to freely work around the house, sleep, or entertain guests all the while the food is being cooked to your specific temperatures.
product name consCons:You will need a tiny eyeglass screwdriver (Phillips head) to remove 2 screws in order to insert the batteries into the into the compartment on the receiver. I like to think of this slight annoyance as an extra safeguard to protect the unit from water. I would probably use high quality AAA batteries so that I wouldn’t have to change the batteries that often.
As with all digital products there seems to be a learning curve to figuring out how to use the controls, and the Et-733 is no exception, but once you figure out how to do it will be easier from then on.
There has always been rumblings about the probes not being long enough. Many users feel the 3 feet length is just not long enough, and after all, you can buy 6 foot probes for the Maverick et-732 barbecue smoker meat thermometer, why not just include the longer probes for the product to begin with? It all comes down to price. 6 foot hybrid probes are available but they are pricey.
I’ve never understood why its more expensive to purchase the black model over the less expensive white one, do you? As a matter of fact, Maverick pairs products and advertises different prices. I always try to link you, the consumer to the least expensive product available.

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Maverick ET-733 Barbecue smoker Meat Thermometer

Features Overview:

ProbesPre Sets

rated to 716 Degrees
15 Butcher Shop Cuts
Wireless Remote
Out of Range
3 feet in length9 Game Meats
Range 300 ftLoss Sync
Review Date
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Maverick ET-733 Meat Thermometer

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