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Maverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer
When I first saw theMaverick ET-732 wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set, I didn’t think it was much different from other Barbecue thermometers on the market today, but after a thorough review of this thermometer, I’ve changed my mind.This barbecue thermometer is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to barbecue, smoke or cook and wants their food to turn out perfectly every time. You know how expensive cuts of meat are today and you don’t want to over or under cook you food. Using this barbecue thermometer makes the job easier than you ever thought possible, so you will want to familiarize yourself with the great benefits and features of the Maverick ET-732 Barbecue Thermometer

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Maverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer price

Maverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer How it Works

(Back to Top)So how exactly does this barbecue thermometer work? The Maverick ET-732 barbecue thermometer is A remote programmable radio frequency food thermometer which allows the user to monitor the temperature of the food being cooked, grilled or smoked, up to 300 feet away from the cooking chamber, and it also monitors the temperature of the oven, grill, or smoking chamber.

The receiver is the unit which “receives” by radio frequency or remotely, then displays the temperature of the food, barbecue grill, smoker or oven on the LCD backlight display. This is the unit which you can take with you by using the clip to attach to your belt or, use the stand to place on a table or counter top.

The transmitter is the unit that you will attach the probes to. Once your unites are set up the transmitter send the information to the receiver, which allows you to remotely monitor conditions in your oven, grill or smoker without having to constantly be near the cooking unit. One probe is inserted into the food, while the other probe, the barbecue probe, with the clip, is allowed to freely hang in the cooking chamber without it touching anything which will allow for accurate chamber temperatures is used in conjunction with a smoker, to monitor the internal temperature of the food being smoked by use of the food probe. The internal temperature of the smoker is monitored with the Barbecue Probe, which is either clipped to the smoker grate or some smokers have an opening where you can insert the Barbecue probe so that it hangs in the smoker chamber.

The ET-732 meat thermometer also can be used indoors in a conventional oven or a traditional outdoor grill to cook a variety of foods from turkey to roasts. For cooking in the oven, if you are confident with the ovens controls and feel they are accurate, you can use just the food probe.

You program your thermometer with the high and low temperature ranges you need for your particular cut of meat. Insert the food probe into the meat and hang or clip the barbecue probe, and you can monitor the temperatures for 300 feet away. If any variation in temperature occurs above or below your programmed temps, the receiver will beep and flash to let you know.
Like most digital meat thermometers, or any digital product you purchase these days, you have to set it up precisely according to the manufacturers instructions in order to get the product to work correctly. This meat thermometer is no exception. Following the directions exactly seems to be the hardest part for people to understand. However, the Maverick ET-732 thermometer comes with detailed instructions for setting up the receiver and transmitter. Read over the instructions a few times to become familiar with the operation, and then follow the directions step by step. How hard can it be right? Its a bit tricky the first time out, but once you know how to set up the meat thermometer, it will be easier from then on. And of course, you can always use the instructions to refresh your memory if you do have a problem.

Maverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer Components

(Back to Top)meat thermometer maverick et-732The Maverick ET-732comes with 1 receiver unit, 1 transmitter unit, 2 stainless steel probes, one for the food and one for the barbecue, smoker or oven. You can tell the difference between the two probes by the clip which is attached to the barbecue probe. The clip is used to secure the probe to the inside of your barbecue so that the tip of it doesn’t come in contact with anything. It is meant to take the internal temperature of your grill or smoker. Both probe wires are heat resistant to 716 F The barbecue thermometer also comes with 4 AAA batteries. Two batteries are used in the receiver, and two are used for the transmitter. It is recommended to use a small eyeglass screwdriver to open the battery compartments.

Maverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer Receiver Features

barbecue thermometerThe ET732 receiver has a large backlit LCD (liquid Crystal Display) It displays all icons, the temperature and time. To use the back light feature, simply press and hold the light button for 5 seconds and this will allow you to view the readings in the dark. This feature is especially useful when planning an overnight smoke or cooking outdoors in the dark. The receiver has the most buttons, 6 altogether, and each one is clearly marked for identification.

The receiver features a fold out stand which can be used to place the unit on a table or counter top for easy viewing. Or use the handy removable clip to connect it to a belt to carry with you.

HI/HR button, which is the first button on the left, increases and sets the maximum barbceue temperature, and timer mode.

The LO/MIN button which is located on the bottom left, increases the minimum barbecue temperate, along with setting the timer.

The third button located in the middle and features the bulb icon, is the LIGHT/MODE which is used to turn on the LCD backlight, and to select thermometer mode or timer mode.

HI/CLEAR button is located at the far right top, and it increases the maximum food temperature. When in timer mode this button clears the timer back to 0:00.

ALERT C/F START/STOP button is located below the HI/CLEAR button on the lower right front of the receiver. This button has many features. You can hold the button for 2 seconds to switch between C/F (Celsius/Fahrenheit) readings. In Thermometer mode you can press the button to turn on or off the alarm. Whereas in Timer Mode you can start or stop the timer countdown or countup.

Power Button is located in the lower middle of the front of the receiver. Simply press it to turn on or off the receiver.

Battery compartment located on the back of the receiver.Various sites, Including Amazon have mistakenly stated that theMaverick ET-732 barbecue thermometer uses AA batteries. I have received this information straight from the manufacturer, they state that the Maverick ET-732 meat thermometer uses 4 AAA Batteries, 2 for the receiver and 2 for the transmitter

Maverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer Transmitter Features

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maverick pix.jpg1The transmitter is the unit which stays near your grill, oven or smoker. It has few controls, and transmits information to the receiver what the conditions are in the grill, smoker or oven.

There are two plugin ports located on each side of the transmitter. Each port is clearly labeled as such:

1. Food: this plug in for the food probe, on the diagram it is located on the back of the transmitter under the wire clip and is labeled food.

2. Barbecue: This plug in is for Barbecue probe, and is located on the back to the right, under the clip and is labeled barbecue.

1. Re-Sync button, is used to register the radio frequency with the receiver. It is located on the back of the transmitter top left button.. Labeled no 1 on the above diagram you can also use this button to select Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature readings.

2. The on/off button is located on the back of the transmitted next to the right of the re-sync button, and is labeled 2. on the diagram


The Maverick ET-732 Barbecue meat thermometer needs the receiver to register and lock in the radio frequency signal from the transmitter every time the thermometer is turned on. This sounds more complicated than it really is.

Have both receiver and transmitter side by side. Install the probes into the corresponding plugin’s on the back of the transmitter labeled barbecue and food. Turn on the receiver by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. Turn on the transmitter by pressing the power button located on the back of the transmitter for 2 seconds. these two steps must be accomplished within 120 seconds of each other in order for the receiver to get the registration code. It should beep within 5 to 10 seconds. Registration is complete when you hear the beep and temperatures appear on the LCD screen.

Helpful Hints
As with all digital equipment, care must be taken to ensure the parts do not come into contact with water. The receiver is not waterproof and must not be used in the rain. To clean your probes after use, do not immerse them into water. Simply use a damp paper towel and while they are still warm and wipe them down. Also take care when inserting probes into transmitter. Make sure the plugs which are inserted into the transmitter are clean and dry before insertion. Be careful that the cables on the probes do not become kinked when in use or during storage. Doing so may render them useless. Finally, never use the probes in a microwave oven. Following these common sense hints will help your Maverick ET732 run smoothly for years to come.

Customer Reviews

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I have found that while reading the hundreds of reviews online it helps to separate the good reviews from the chaff. Many reviews are just because of not knowing how to properly use the product and out of frustration, the consumer writes a bad review. The reality of the situation is that if you read and follow the directions for the product, more than likely, your thermometer will perform correctly. Some of the reviews point out problems with the probes, which seem to be a consistent issue, no matter what probe thermometer you buy. It all boils down to correct usage and care. The Maverick ET-732 has a strong and loyal following and that certainly shows up in the positive reviews online.

Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros:Consumers love the convenience of using the remote capability of being able to walk away from the grill or smoker while the food is being monitored by the thermometer. The range is 300ft.

Consumers also love the count up and count down timer feature which can be used simultaneously with the temperature mode which allows them to keep track of another cooking task.

Another great feature consumers commented about is the lost link alert. This alert signals you when you have gone out of the 300 ft range of your grill or their is interference with the signal. The alert gives the user an added layer of protection against over or under cooked food.

Not having to open the smoker to check on the progress of the meat and lose heat and smoke is another great feature many consumers commented about.

Accurate temperature monitoring with alerts to let you know if the temperature has gone too low or too high is one of the most popular features of the Maverick ET732 Barbecue thermometer

product name consCons:One of the biggest complaints about the Maverick ET732 barbecue thermometer is the probes- from not being long enough, they are 3 feet, to being too sensitive My research indicates to me that using and caring for the probes correctly, will eliminate most if not all of the consumer complaints, except of course the length. If you really need longer probes, they are available here:Maverick ET732 Genuine Replacement 6 Foot Smoker & Chamber Probe BBQ

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barbecue thermometerMaverick ET732 Barbecue Thermometer price

Features Overview:

Temperatureup to 572 Degrees
Count up/down
Probesrated to 716 degrees
Alertsloss link,
high/low temps

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