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The Polder THM-362-86 cooking thermometer has probed it’s way into the kitchens of thousands of cooks everywhere, and no wonder. Polder is a leading supplier of quality thermometers since 1976. They offer products which make cooking easier while giving the consumer quality, value and updated designs.

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Polder THM-362-86 Meat Thermometer price

Polder cooking Thermometer Features

(Back to Top)The Polder THM-362 in-oven cooking Thermometer has some improved features that make this cooking polder cooking thermometerthermometer a great buy. The cooking thermometer is constructed of heavy duty plastic made to withstand heavy use. If you are just starting to gather tools for the kitchen, or you have been cooking for years and just want to upgrade an older thermometer, this cooking thermometer from Polder deserves a good look.

  • Programmable timer features a 24 hour countdown timer that can be used independently or can be used with the thermometer
  • Temperature alert  alarm will sound for 5 minutes with a 5 second pause every minute once  the desired temperature has been attained.  You must manually turn off the alarm.
  • Programmable thermometer  with temperature range of 32F to 392F (0C to 200C)  Simply set your temperature insert the probe, close the oven door, and you will be alerted when the temperature has been reached.
  • Flip top display for counter use and magnetic wall mount can be put on oven door.
  •  Easily interchangable between Fahrenheit or Celsius by the flick of a button.
  • Probe is 43 inches long with silicone sleeve.  The silicone sleeve helps protect the braided cord from water.
  • Replacement Probes are available

Polder in-oven Cooking Thermometer Probes

(Back to Top)Every manufacturer of probe thermometers face the difficult task of creating a probe which can polder replacement probe meat thermometerwithstand water and rigorous use. Probes are the most sensitive part of the thermometer and care must be taken to ensure it doesn’ get damaged. Polder has improved it’s probe by enclosing the probe cable in silicone. This is a great improvement over probes which have bare braided cable. However, just because it has the silicone covering, you must still follow some simple rules to ensure your probes remain workable and last a long time. Never immerse the probe into water when cleaning. Simply clean the plug with a slightly damp paper towel. Never expose the probe to direct flame. Take care when closing the oven door on the probe cable. If the cable kinks, chances are it won’t work correctly. The probe is rated to 392F, any temperature reading above may destroy the probe. Replacement probes for the Polder THM-362-86RM are available.

Polder In-Oven Cooking Thermometer Timer

The Thermometer is designed with a count down timer. the timer can be used in conjunction with the thermometer, or can be used by itself. The timer can count down minutes, or up to 24 hours. When the countdown is complete, an alarm will sound for one minute notifying you that your food has reached its timed cooking. Because this timer can be used without the thermometer portion, it is great for timing various cooking chores in the kitchen. You can use the timer to time eggs, cakes, bread, and most other applications which need to be timed.

Polder Cooking Thermometer-Whats included

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    The Polder THM-362 in-oven Cooking Thermometer comes with a pan clip. The pan clip is handy to use to help stabilize the probe, and keep it in place. It can also be used to hold the probe into liquid so that the probe doens’t touch the bottom or sides of a pan.

  • One AAA battery.
  • One Year Limited Warranty- Polder will repair or replace at its option any defective  part because of faulty workmanship or material.  You must save your receipt for the limited warranty to be vailid.  Also note that the warranty does not cover the probe.


(Back to Top)The Polder THM-362 In-oven cooking Thermometer is a great all around thermometer that can be used for cooking thermometercooking and baking.It is one of the most popular cooking thermometers on Amazon, and is consistently on the best sellers list. After reading hundreds of online reviews of this product, it is clear most consumers are quite satisfied with the performance of the Polder In-oven cooking thermometer. The price of the thermometer makes it is compelling reason to purchase this general purpose thermometer.

Pros & Cons

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    • Polder THM-362-86 Meat Thermometer prosPros:

Easy to Program. Simply push a few buttons. Has timer which can be used with or without thermometer. Memory function remember last temperature. High Heat probe is 43 inches long. Probes are replaceable. Great price point.
Polder THM-362-86 Meat Thermometer consCons:Thermometer is not recalibratable. Unit does not have an on/off function.

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Polder THM-362-86 Meat Thermometer price

Features Overview:

1 AAA Battery
1 year limited Warranty
Bonus Pan Clip
Programmable Timer and thermometer
Memory Function

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