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The Taylor cooking thermometer 1470N is a powerful kitchen tool you will wonder how you ever managed to cook without. Using a cooking thermometer will help you eliminate over or under cooked food, resulting in disappointing results and waste. Now imagine cooking a turkey (or any food) with this cooking thermometer, and never having to use old fashioned methods to check to see if your food is done by pinching the drumstick or sticking the food with a fork! Not to mention the heat loss that occurs when you open the oven door. You will only have to open the oven when your food is cooked completely.

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Taylor cooking thermometer 1470N Features

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Taylor Cooking ThermometerDuring the review process, I became aware that Taylor USA, has upgraded the 1470 cooking thermometer. The new model is the Taylor 1470N Digital Cooking Thermometer. Both models are exactly the same with one important upgrade, which is instead of the 4 foot probe the current 1470 has, the new model 1470N boasts a 5 foot probe.
the Taylor cooking thermometer is so popular that not many people realize a new model has hit the market. I will concentrate this review on the 1470 cooking thermometer, but keep in mind that they are the same model except the probes, so much so, that the owners manual for the new model is the old 1470 manual

  • Combination thermometer timer
  •  Displays the  food’s temperatures and time elapsed while it’s cooking
  • Programmable control panel for cooking by precise temperature or time
  • Alarm sounds when cooking time or desired temperature reached
  • Temperature Range 32F to 392F/ 0C to 200C
  • 4-foot Stainless-steel probe (1470N  cooking thermometer features a 5 foot stainless steel  probe)
  • Thermometer is 5 inches high by 3 inches wide and folds flat for compact storage
  • Magnetic back for mounting on stove front or any metal surface
  • Large digital LCD display
  • replacement probes available for separate purchase
  • On off switch extends battery life
  • 1 AAA battery included
  • 1 year warranty

Taylor cooking thermometer 1470N How Its Used

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Taylor ThermometerThe Taylor Cooking thermometer is a very easy thermometer to use. After preheating your oven, and turning on the thermometer it is recommended you sterilize the probe by immersing in boiling water, then insert the probe into the center of the food, being careful not to hit bone or fat if you are cooking meat. Close the oven door being very careful you do not damage the probe cord. The thermometer unit can be connected to the oven door by the magnet. Make sure the sensor is plugged into the side of the thermometer. The internal temperature of the food will now be seen on the LCD display. You can adjust the time and temperature by pressing the appropriate buttons. You can also set a temp alert for an audible alarm, which will sound when you food has reached the temperature you set. You can also use the timer mode which can be used to time food. Just set it for the amount of time you want to cook you food and an alarm will sound for 1 minute after the time you set has been reached.

Taylor cooking thermometer 1470N Helpful Hints

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Taylor Cooking ThermometerNo matter what type of cooking thermometer you use, the probes are very delicate and care must be taken when using, and the probe of the Taylor cooking thermometer is no different. Here are some helpful hints to keep your probe in top working condition:

  • Taylor 1470 (1470N) is not recommended for use in grills, smokers and microwave ovens
  • Do not use the probe in an oven higher than 392F or 200C
  • Take precautions by using a heat resistant glove or potholder when handling the hot metal probe during or after cooking.
  • Never immerse the probe into water to clean.  It is easiest to clean when the probe is still warm.  Simply wiping it down with a damp paper towel will remove all food particles
  • Take care that there is no moisture on the sensor plug of the probe when inserting it into the thermometer.
  • Most importantly, when running the probe cable into an oven, be sure to gently close the oven door to avoid denting or crimping the cable.

Cooking Thermometer Review-Taylor 1470

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“Consumers love how easy the Taylor cooking thermometer is to use. Its easy to program for time or temperature and many consumers love having both features. Other consumers remarked they like the audible feature. They can leave the room and hear the alarm when its ready.Easy to clean …(read more here: Taylor Cooking Thermometer 1470 Review)”

“consumers like the bright and clear LCD display and the well made buttons They also feel it performs well for all their cooking needs there is a lot of feedback on the Taylor cooking thermometer to help you decide if this thermometer will match your needs…(read more here: Taylor Cooking Thermometer 1470 Review)”

Pros & Cons

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Taylor Cooking Thermometer 1470 prosPros:Easy to program, Easy to use, buttons are clearly defined and LCD display is big. Directions are simple to understand
product name consCons:Reading through all the reviews, the one negative that stands out for the Taylor cooking thermometer is the probe. Reviewers state that the probe has burned out or failed in some way. However, I have found that on any thermometer that uses a probe, consumers number one complaint is that the probes fail. Probes are a very delicate piece of equipment and care MUST be taken when using one. The manufacturers of all probe thermometers always warn consumers how to properly take care of the probe and the correct usage. Most of the time, the probes fail due to incorrect usage, namely, getting them wet, crushing them in a oven door or using them in high temperature conditions. As long as you take note of the manufacturers warnings and take the correct precautions, your probe should last.

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Features Overview:

BrandTaylor USA
TypeProbe, Cooking
Batteries 2-AAA included
Replacement ProbesAvailable
Warranty1 year

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