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The Taylor 9842 instant read thermometer has a lot going for it besides it’s pretty yellow color.One of the best sellers on amazon,this instant read thermometer is part of Taylor’s Commercial line which has set high standards in thermometers. The heavy duty construction holds up extremely well in the most exacting conditions. It has a very wide range when it comes to reading temperatures, from hot to cold. The taylor instant read thermometer features large dials for easy readability and complies with the USDA requirements, and is certified by NFS. Both organizations set the standards for the safety of our meat and quality control of the products that are used to test them. So if you are looking for an accurate, multipurpose instant read thermometer that can be recalibrated to give you dead on temperature readings, this instant read thermometer by Taylor deserves a look.

Taylor Instant Read Thermometer Features

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  • On/Off Button
  • Large LCD Display
  • Super fast readings within seconds
  • 5 inch long probe
  • Waterproof
  • Extra wide measurement range from -40F to +450F or -40C to +230 suitable for very hot and cold applications
  • Can be calibrated for absolute accuracy
  • Pocket sleeve is antimicrobial which helps eliminate cross contamination from food to food
  • Sleeve can also be used as a handle by simply inserting stem into hole of the sleeve
  • Backed by Manufacturers one year warranty

Taylor Instant Read Thermometer How Its Used

Taylor 9842 instant read thermometer(Back to Top)The multi-purpose Taylor 9842 Instant Read Thermometer is easy to use. You simply press the on/off button to turn the instant read thermometer on, then insert the 5 inch probe about 1 inch into your food. Within seconds the temperature of the food will be displayed on the LCD screen. To avoid burns, the sleeve can be used as a holder by inserting the stem in a small hole at the top of the sleeve.
Its time to change the battery when the LCD display becomes dim. By sliding a small screwdriver under the lip of the rubber battery door. Insert the new battery with the positive side up, and close door firmly to make sure the battery is in proper position. If the battery door isn’t closed properly, water could get inside the unit and cause a malfunction, so always make sure the battery is seated properly and the door is completely closed.

Taylor 9842 Instant Read Thermometer Helpful Hints

taylor 9842 instant read thermometer(Back to Top)The Taylor 9842 Instant read thermometer is easy to recalibrate, and instructions are included in the user manual.If you haven’t used the Taylor instant read thermometer in a long time and its been sitting in a drawer, it may be beneficial to recalibrate it before it’s used again.The Taylor safety guard sleeve incorporates an antimicrobial feature to help avoid bacteria from cross contaminating your food. Always clean the stem before inserting the stem in the sleeve. The most common way to sterilize the stem is to insert the stem into boiling water. Even though it is waterproof, never immerse the thermometer in water. To clean, simply wipe the probe with a paper towel which has been dampened by water. Do not leave the
Do not use the taylor 9842 instant read thermometer as an oven thermometer. The LCD display case exposure temperature limit is 140F

Taylor 9842 Instant Read Thermometer Specifications

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  • Measurement Range -40 to 450F or -40 to 230C
  • Accuracy- /- 1°F (.06°C) from 0 to 230°F (-18 to 110°C)+/- 3.6°F (2°C) above 230°F (110°C) and below 0°F (-18°C
  • Battery- LR44
  • Temperature Display –  C/F Selectable
  • Auto Shut off- after 10 minutes if not used
  • Probe tip- 1.5mm
  • Response time-6 seconds with 2 second updates
  • Warranty- 1 year limited warranty


Customer Reviews

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Whenever I do a review, I try to concentrate on the factors that make the product better for consumers over a competing product. The Taylor 9842 has alot of great reviews and might be a good choice for all your kitchen tasks. The thermometer gets great marks for its quick response time, and ease of use. I have read hundreds of reviews and ratings online and most of them are pretty favorable regarding the Taylor 9842
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taylor 9842 instant read thermometer prosPros:Consumers comments on the reliability of the thermometer. They feel it is incredibly quick, plus extremely easy to use. With over 600 positive reviews on Amazon, the Taylor 9842 instant read thermometer is popular, reliable and feel its a great thermometer for the price.
taylor 9842 instant read thermometer consCons: Negative reviews are really subjective and you must really sift through them to find a “real’ negative of the product, because many are just “gripes” Having said that, some people feel you can’t read the digital display very well, while other complaints range from the thermometer not being long enough, and the thermometer takes too long to read. Another issue which has been brought up is the waterproof factor of the thermomemter. Many consumers feel the thermometer is not waterproof, and after a few washings, the display is clouded over with moisture, or the unit itself has stopped working. Common sense tells me that no matter how steadfast a manufacturer tries to waterproof a digital product, there is always a chance of water getting into the innards. Would you dunk your cell phone in water to wash it? Or the DVD Player? I think not. Take care when cleaning the thermometer. Just use a damp paper towel, after all how dirty could it get! And, if you are worried about germs, use anit-bacterial soap on the probe.

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Features Overview:

Response Timeapproximately 10 seconds
Stemstainless steel 4.75 inches
Auto Off Functionafter 10 minutes inactivity
Warranty1 year limited

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