Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer Review

  • alt tagThe Splash-Proof, Super Fast Thermapen is a precision, instant read thermometer that was originally designed for commercial kitchens labratories, and manufacturing plants. The thermapen has now crossed from industrial use and into the kitchen to become the top cooking thermometer for home use. Thermapen instant read thermometer is an essential tool for your kitchen because it can be used for virtually anything that you want a temperature on, from hot to cold. It has more fans than the Beetles (well, sort of…),and is highly recommended by Alton Brown’s Good Eats, America’s Test Kitchen, and the New Cooks Catalogue, just to name a few of the over 80 magazines, TV shows, celebrity and professional chefs worldwide.

With over 13 dazzling colors to choose from, the instant read thermometer by Thermapen is more than just a pretty gadget! Thermapen is the fastest and most accurate cooking instant read thermometer on the market today. Competitors have tried and failed to copy the thermapen without success, by using mass produced products from China. But don’t be fooled, the thermapen uses commercial thermocouple technology with traceable National Standards, making the thermapen instant read thermometr fast and accurate. Once you begin using this thermometer you are never going to want to cook, bake, make candy, or Barbecue without one!

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Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer Features

(Back to Top)14_colors_wheel_z_aWith its sleek look and design features the instant read thermometer has no buttons! Simply unfold the thermocouple probe and the unit automatically turns on. Closing the probe turns the instant read thermometer off. How simple is that?
The thermapen instant read thermometer features thermocouple technology with traceable national standards.  A thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals is cooled or heated a voltage is produced that can be correlated back to the temperature. This technology gives the instant read thermometer a very precise temperature reading in 3 seconds! The Thermapen comes with a handwritten note certifying that the instant read thermometer has been calibrated in a laboratory against a precision thermometer and found to be accurate at 32 F (ice) and 212F (boiling). A certificate of Calibration, with the technicians names and information regarding the calibration equipment also comes with the thermapen. This is how confident the thermoworks company is of their product!

  • Temperature  Range -58 to 572 F
  • Accuracy   + – 0.7F from -58 to 392F  + – 1.8 F 392 to 572F
  • Reconfigurable to Celsius or Fehrenheit
  • LCD Display
  • Instant Thermometer automatically shuts off after 10 minutes, auto shutoff can be disabled
  • Probe is 4.5 inches long and uses type k thermocouple
  • Battery type CR2032
  • Dimensions 6.1 inches high by 1.85 inches wide by 0.75 inches deep
  • Available in 13 colors to choose from
  • Each Thermapen is calibrated against a precision lab thermometer,  comes with unique serial number certifying its accuracy.

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Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer How its Used

(Back to Top)instant read thermometer thermapen2The super sensitive thermocouple is located at the tip of the probe. As soon as the Thermapen comes on it begins to display a temperature reading. If you touch the tip of the probe, the temperature will change to the temperature it is reading on your finger. Remove the probe from your finger, and the temperature will change again. That is how sensitive and accurate the Thermapen is!
This accuracy gives you precise temperature readings of the food you are preparing up to 572F which is hot enough to turn anything into charcoal! Accurate and instant readings allow you to determine if you need to cook your food longer or turn up or down the heat. The thermocouple is located at the tip of the probe, which is very thin and the end is sharp. The probe only needs to be inserted 1/8″ into your food to get an accurate surface temperature reading.Of course, if you need a reading to test doneness for a larger piece of meat such as a roast, you would insert it into the thickest part of the meat to get an internal temperature reading. When inserting into meat, always be sure avoid bone or fatty deposits, as this will give you inaccurate temperature readings.
The Thermapen isn’t just for cooking meat! You can use the Thermapen for just about any thing you want and need accurate temperature readings. Thermapen is great for testing temperature when making candy. You need an accurate and precise temperature to reach soft, hard and crack stages in candy making and the Thermapen will give these readings within 3 seconds. Reaching precise temperature is imperative in so many applications such as beer making, baking breads and cakes, and smoking meat.Thermapen instant reat thermometer can also be used to determine cold temperatures too! Does something need to be at precise room temperature? The Thermapen will read cold temperatures down to -58F.

Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer Helpful Hints

(Back to Top)instant read thermometer orangeThermapen will read ambient temperature and will give readings as you insert probe into food. The temperature will fluctuate as it is moved into the thickest part of the food. when you have stopped inserting, you will get an accurate temperature at that point.

  •  You may want to take temperatures at different locations of your food to test to see if the entire portion is at the correct temperature.
  •  Don’t stab the food with the instant read thermometer. Use gentle force to insert the probe into the food. The tip of the probe is sharp, and you should have no problem inserting into food.
  • Choose a target temperature by the type of meat or food to be cooked to guide your cooking. Don’t forget that most foods continue to cook even after it has been removed from the heat source, and you must consider this to insure you haven’t over or under cooked. A good rule of thumb is 5 degrees rise in temperature at resting.
  • To get a proper reading of the instant thermometer make sure when inserting the probe it doesn’t touch bone, rest in a fat deposit, or come out the other side of the food. Some experts recommend inserting the probe of the instant read thermometer from the side of food to ensure that you get the probe inserted correctly.
  • Never use the thermapen to flip or turn your food. The probe is hollow, and this could cause it to break.
  • Take care when cleaning.   Never submerge in water. Simply wiping the probe with a damp paper towel is usually sufficient
  • The USDA publishes temperature guidelines for food holding and cooking.  This table displays the recommended temperatures:
    Temperatureup to 572 Degrees
    Count up/down
    Probesrated to 716 degrees
    Alertsloss link,
    high/low temps

Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer Customizing

(Back to Top)You can customize your Splash Proof thermapen by changing the factory settings:

  • You can change how the temperature is displayed- either Fehrenheit of Celsius  F/C
  • Display resolution can be changed from 1 degree to 0.1 degree
  • Disable the auto off, which when used saves on battery life.

These changes are very easy to use. Inside the battery compartment are the switches that will change the defaults. Switch 1 changes Fehrenheit to Celsius. Switch 2 changes the display resolution, and Switch 3 disables the auto-off. Note that if you do turn off the auto off the thermapen will stay on and continue using battery power if you forget to close the probe.
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Customer Reviews

(Back to Top)Consumers love that the thermapen instant read thermometer is fast, always accurate and gives pinpoint readings. Although it is more expensive than other models on the market today, consumers feel it is well worth the price because it is so accurate. They love being able to take various readings, from the freezer, smoker, and grill, to the bath water. They love how easy it is to use, stating that all they need do is flip out the probe, take a reading and then close it back up! Simple to use, smart design, fast and well worth the money! Some reviews call it Americas Favorite Kitchen Gadget and with all the color choices, they welcome the opportunity to choose the color of their liking.

Pros & Cons

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Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer prosPros: Made under strict standards with labratory certification. Easy to use. Fast and accurate. Large assortment of colors to choose from.
Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer consCons:Some feel the cost is a bit high compared to other instant read thermometers on the market. But considering the thermapen uses Thermocouple technology under the strictest standards. You won’t find an instant read thermometer with these precision parts for less.

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Features Overview:

  • Response Time6 seconds
    StemStainless Steel
    6 inches
    Auto Off
    after 10 minutes
    Warranty5 year

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